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The Arkansas Donor Family Council (ArkDFC) is comprised of a group of Arkansas donor families that works to provide support for other donor families and works to promote organ and tissue donation awareness.

The ArkDFC members represent the wide range of Arkansas families that have made the choice to give the "gift of life" through organ and tissue donation - coming from different areas of the state, having different

economic and social statuses, having different life experiences, and at different points of their lives. Some of the members are donor mothers or fathers; others are donor husbands or wives.

Regardless of these differences, their lives have been brought together through donation and their desire to help others.


"The Gift"

Arkansas song writer Don Tucker received a life-saving liver transplant on October 31, 2013.  While recovering from his surgery, he had difficulty sleeping. He couldn't stop thinking about his donor. It didn't seem fair that he could continue his life, when someone had to lose theirs. Like many recipients, he felt unworthy of the gift.  Although unable to play his guitar, one night he wrote the lyrics to “The Gift.”  The lyrics came easily, or as Don describes it, "as though guided by a gentle hand."  A short time later, he asked for help from a Vermont friend, pastor and song writer, Adam Avery. Together, they composed music to “The Gift.”

Don is so grateful to his donor that he has created an EP that contains “The Gift,” along with several other of his songs.  Don is donating the proceeds from his sales to the Arkansas Donor Family Council. “The Gift” is a beautiful song  — we hope you'll buy it.

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